Waiting For A Hero

Are we ready to stop depending on someone else to save us?
Have we realized we are our own heroes,
That we are the salvation we seek?
No one can create heaven for us,
That is our responsibility.
When we realize our true potential,
We will no longer need a hero to save us.

Adjusting To The Darkness

Is Everything Going To Hell In A Handbasket?

Have you ever sat in a room as the sun goes down? It grows darker and darker and your eyes continue to adjust so that you barely notice. But if someone walks in the room and turns on the light, you will find yourself blinded. Not until the light is on do you realize how dark it has become around you. With a lack of light, we become accustomed to the darkness.

This is why it seems like there is so much crazy shit happening in our world right now. It’s not because things have grown worse over time. It’s because we’ve turned on more lights. The more enlightened we become, the more we’ll see.

It’s easier to keep a secret in the dark, but when the light shines it exposes the darkness. We cannot work through our issues if we insist on keeping them hidden. Facing our darkness is a step towards healing.



It doesn’t matter what’s happened,
The hold-ups, the walls, the unfairness.
What does matter is you continue,
Living, trying, learning, loving, and moving forward.

It will be all right.
In reality, everything is all right.

No matter the circumstance,
You are here.
Right now.

Get out of the past.
Get out of the future.
Be here.

Do not allow anyone or anything to bring you down.
Do not allow anyone or anything to trap you with hate.

No matter what, keep going.

Spontaneous Awakening

I'm not practicing what I believe.
I want to be free,
But I don't grant freedom.
I want to be relinquished, 
But I restrain.

I don't know,
What I thought I knew.
I know now,
What I didn't think was possible.
Do I know anything? 

I feel weak.
I am overwhelmed by my own paradox.
I lose my footing,
With these uneven beliefs.

I look for the truth,
Within the lie.
I search for hope,
In the darkness.
But I'm not yet sure
What it is I see.

The picture is not completely formed.
The terrain is unknown to me.
Something I know, 
But don't quite understand,
Urges me onward.

The Conspirators

That’s when she heard it deep, deep within. 

We don’t want to kill her. We just want to keep her down low enough so she remains invalidated, insecure, and confused about what she has to offer. This way she won’t realize she can succeed without us.”

Oh, but she had realized, and like an instantaneous stream inside of her, all the previous years collapsed together and finally made sense. At that moment she knew, truly understood for the first time what had really been going on when she wasn’t looking. 



I’m out of practice.

I thought I’d learned the secret. Yet here I am caught in an old dynamic. Once it returns, I will be overwhelmed with feelings of tenacity, wanting to do everything I can to keep it. If I am not careful this alone can cause the bottleneck effect to return.

I want to immerse myself in the flow, but I will be happy with a taste for now.


I’ve been here before, trying to get over the hump.

I remember a time when it was easy, my second nature, yet now I struggle to remember how.


Is this worth the effort or investment? Does any of this matter? By human logic, no, but I’m not working with human logic here.

The deepest part tells me something that contradicts the old paradigm. The weight of the center doesn’t pull me down like the weight of the world, it pulls me inward. There is a weight, a burden, an anchor, but it comes with a feeling of buoyancy as well.

So I will practice. I will yield.


Once upon a time…

I wanted to be famous.

I wanted everyone to know my name.

It didn’t matter where my focus lay at the time,

I saw it as a path to some sort of stardom, or guru status.

I can honestly say,

after having the most miniscule taste of such a thing,

that I have changed my mind.

I am completely content not being scrutinized, micromanaged or antagonized by onlookers who seem to feel completely comfortable tapping on the glass of my metaphorical fishbowl.

Looking To Someone Else

I keep looking for someone who has already said it.
But I’m starting to suspect,
I’m the someone who is supposed to say it.
Say what exactly?
I’m not certain.
I thought I’d know it when I saw it,
But maybe, I’ll know it when I write it.

I’m So High

I’m so high.

You should see the view from here.

Just like a dream.

Could this be reality?

Everything is beautiful.

Everything is meaningful.

Everything makes sense to me, when I’m high enough to see.

Everything is crystal clear.

Now I’m high above the fear.

Everything makes sense to me, when I’m high enough to see.

Will I Be Like Lincoln?

What will this become?

Will it be everything I hoped for?

Will my grandiose dreams finally be realized?

Will I make the impact I desire?

Will I persevere?

Will I forget or regret my past failures?

Will I win after years of losses?

Or will I let the past convince me that victory is hopeless?

Change The World?

How do we change things around here?

Is the world actually in need of changing?

Should we accept the world as it is?

Love the world as it is?

Does change come through acceptance?

Do things actually change or is it our perception that changes?

Does the world need to change?


Do we need to change?

Who is the world anyway?

Are we not part of the world?

What is it we need to change?

Our laws, our schools, our politics?


Our minds, our hearts, our perspectives?

Should we focus on changing ourselves,

Instead of expecting the world around us to change?

Do we change, thereby affecting the world around us towards change?

Do we facilitate change through acceptance and love?

Is it all of the above? 

So who and what needs to change?

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him…We need not wait to see what others do.” — Mahatma Gandhi

DIY Spirituality

Not everyone wants a template. It might give us ideas or a place to start, but ultimately the template becomes restrictive.

With spirituality, most of us start out by seeking a template, but along the way, some of us realize we are robbing ourselves when the template becomes more important than our spirit.

When it comes to what is true about the inner self, we’ll find there is no use lying. When we take on a religion or a creed there is always an element of denial. It is better to be honest with ourselves about our thoughts and feelings.

There are truths within all religions, philosophies, and belief systems. There are many commonalities and various differences. We may find ourselves believing things that come from various schools of thought. This is because we are diverse individuals. We cannot blindly embrace the truth of others if we want to find our own.

Zero To Infinity

I am a wheel within a wheel.

I am a part of another part, of another part, of another part…

I am a piece of you and you are a piece of me.

I am the center of the spiral. No end. No beginning.

I am ageless, beyond time.

I am the edges, concrete, unbreakable.

I am flexible, ever-changing, rapid in my pursuit.

I am tranquil, firm, not moved by any other.

I am light permeating the veil, preparing for change.

I am discord and disappointment, refining our faith.

I am peace that bridges division.

I am wisdom connecting our thoughts.

I am understanding that allows our differences.

I am nothing. I am everything.

I am love.

On The Day I Was Born

I wish it were true that on the day I was born the sky opened up and a voice thundered, “Today a healer of humanity is born!” Then afterward doves filled the air as choirs of angels sang and peace filled my mother’s heart.

However, in reality, on the day I was born the sky opened up, and when the thunder roared my mother perceived it as a negative omen. It’s almost impossible to argue with a mother’s knowledge of bad things to come. Fear is a very powerful thing.

To this day my mother is terrified of storms, even though she has forgotten why.

Is Religion The Answer?

Is religion the answer or is it an age old method used to control others?
Does this system of laws actually work for anyone?

It’s hard to conceive that it can when the most aggressive perpetuators can’t live by it.
If this system of laws doesn’t work, then why do we continue to push it onto the multitudes as truth?

Are we ready try some new?
Are we ready to stop wasting our energy on empty pursuits?

Is love?

Why are you jealous?
What are you afraid of?
Doesn't fear vanish in the presence of love?

Does love attach strings.
Are ultimatums a part of love?
Isn't love higher than contracts?

Is trapping someone love?
Is keeping someone from life experiences love?
Does love free or bind?